Biosecurity Workshop Notes

A number of Biosecurity Workshops were held in January and February, with the aim of Identifying key biosecurity issues and possible mitigation options for Local Government; and providing input into WALGA’s future mitigation and advocacy actions. Click below for the Workshop Notes:

Natural Area Management Network (NAMN) Forum

The NAMN Forums are designed to educate and bring together Local and State Government Natural Area Managment staff, and other interested agencies and parties, on a range of relevant issues. The Forums are run quarterly. At the NAMN Forum in August 2016, the Perth Zoo, DPaW and three Local Governments presented on Urban Fauna Management. Their presentations can be found below.

NAIA Templates and Database

Four Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) templates were developed to help Local Governments assess site-specific ecological values, biodiversity significance and threats.  The templates mean data collection and assessment is consistent with regional scientific standards.

A database is available for Local Governments to store the data they collected using the NAIA Templates

Biodiversity Planning Guidelines for Local Governments

This document was developed to help Local Governments plan for the retention, protection and management of local biodiversity. Local Governments will follow a four-phase local biodiversity planning process resulting in the preparation of a Local Biodiversity Strategy.  

The Local Biodiversity Strategy will then guide:
  • A local planning policy for biodiversity conservation;
  • An action plan for managing biodiversity on Local Government land;
  • A strategy to provide incentives for conservation on private land; and
  • An amendment of the local planning strategy and town planning scheme.

Local Government Guidelines for Bushland Management

This document helps Local Governments to prioritise management actions for natural areas and to ensure that this management in line with biodiversity principles. By prioritising local reserves for management actions, Local Governments will:
  • Manage natural areas for long-term sustainability;
  • Justify funding requests on the basis of sound biodiversity conservation principles; and
  • Use resources effectively.

Environment and Sustainability Facts and Figures

The Local Government Environment and Sustainability report, produced by WALGA, aims to provide a snapshot of current environmental Local Laws and Policies that Local Governments have in place. It is intended that this report will be repeated on an annual basis, so WALGA can build a time series and monitor trends across the sector.

Past Environment Submissions

This document outlines all past Environment and Climate Change submissions.