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There are 140 Local Governments in Western Australia, from Esperance to Kununnurra and Perth to Kalgoorlie. In fact, pretty well everyone in Australia lives in a Local Government area. Ranging in size from Peppermint Grove (1.5 square kilometers) to East Pilbara (over 372,000 square kilometers) and including Cocos and Christmas islands, the variety is enormous. If you’re interested in being part of a large organisation or prefer the idea of a small dynamic team, Local Government can offer you a variety unparalleled in other industry sectors.


In WA, Local Governments employ over 14,500 people in about 30 different professional employment streams. Local Government is the lynch pin of our community and a major player in the State and country’s government. Working in Local Government is an opportunity to make a real difference.


Local Government offers;
  • Diverse employment opportunities:
    People in all disciplines with Local Government experience are highly sought after in developing nations or where major reconstruction is taking place, such as East Timor.


  • Advancement:
    Across all professional streams to senior management. In country areas this can be rapid.


  • Personal and professional development:
    Local Government is a professional employer which recognizes that its greatest asset is its staff. Professional development, further education and training is encouraged and supported through training opportunities and the professional associations which support Local Government staff.

Life Style

Country positions offer opportunities for:
  • Change of life style
  • Quality of life
  • Multi-skilling
  • Opportunities for rapid advancement


Local Government provides:
  • Opportunities to lead
  • Opportunities to manage


Local Government provides a great introduction to:
  • Working anywhere in Australia or overseas
  • The political process
  • Sought after skills in both the private and public sector

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