WALGA State Council is the decision making representative body of all Member Councils, who are responsible for sector-wide policy making and strategic planning on behalf of Local Government.

State Council Structure

  • Chaired by the President
  • 24 Members ('State Councillors'): 12 from country constituencies and 12 from metropolitan constituencies
  • Members must be a serving Mayor, President or Councillor in a WA Local Government
  • The current policy teams and committees can be found here.

State Councillors

WALGA President Cr Lynne Craigie
Avon-Midland Country Zone Cr Darren Slyns
Central Country Zone President Cr Phil Blight
Central Metropolitan Zone Cr Janet Davidson OAM JP
East Metropolitan Zone Vacant
Goldfields Esperance Country Zone President Cr Malcolm Cullen
Gascoyne Country Zone President Cr Cheryl Cowell
Great Eastern Country Zone President Cr Stephen Strange
Great Southern Country Zone President Cr Ken Clements
Kimberley Country Zone Vacant
Murchison Country Zone Cr Les Price
North Metropolitan Zone Cr Russ Fishwick JP
Cr Giovanni Italiano JP
Mayor Tracey Roberts JP (Deputy President)
Northern Country Zone President Cr Karen Chappel
Peel Country Zone Vacant
Pilbara Country Zone Mayor Peter Long
South East Metropolitan Zone Mayor Cr Henry Zelones JP
South Metropolitan Zone Mayor Logan Howlett JP
Cr Doug Thompson
Mayor Carol Adams
South West Country Zone Vacant
Ex Officio  
Local Government Professionals Australia Mr Jonathan Throssell
The Rt Hon Lord Mayor City of Perth Ms Lisa Scaffidi